Program Overview

At Impact, we have an established history of supporting large Recreational and Intramural programs with high numbers of coaches and players.

Development Focus

Our group has partnered to offer seasonal training programs, one-off events, and complimentary house league programs. 

We have supported our work with seasonal programs by:

  • Developing a Coaches Library and Forum to provide and offer weekly feedback
  • Providing an individual as a full-time Advisor or Director of Coaching to a program (as preferred by Board)
  • Writing curriculum programs 
  • Attending board meetings to provide additional perspective 
  • Offered access to our Impact Coaches blog which discusses issues such as; effective coaching planning, the difference between coaching boys and girls, tips for managing game-day
  • Providing experienced help for select team, with game day coaching assistance
  • Partnering with coaches for assessment of game day delivery
  • Adopting a club neutral approach - Impact are not looking to recruit players to other clubs

One-Off Event or Complimentary League

Our group has operated events to support programs, with:

  • Well-attended one-off tournaments, 3 v 3 events, and seasonal house league programs 
  • The provision of a fundraising opportunity
  • High-quality marketing materials and well developed administrative processes.
  • The provision of a dedicated team of staff to facilitate a well-organized, efficient tournament product.
For More Info

Please contact our team at 484 441 6176 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a conversation.