The below information summarizes the conference call completed by the Impact team on Tuesday 10th May 2016 based on Personal Branding.

The Impact Difference – What does / should this mean?

How we improve our players, monitor our standards, behave as professionals on and off the field, and take ownership.

What separates each of us as individual coaches (compared to other coaching companies)?

Our experience, benefitting from a wide variety of coaching styles, going the extra mile, continuously improving, being conscientious and intentional.  

Technical Skill

We can adapt and diversify our delivery, have outstanding communication skill, and own the mentality of wanting to get better.

What is meant by 'Soft Skills’ and why do you think important?

How we build relationships, our body language, listening skill, and maturity in handling difficult situations.

What significance do you feel personal presentation has on individual/company progress? What examples have you seen out in the field of poor/strong personal presentation (please think of in regard to more than just uniform)?

We are always pre-prepared for sessions; we portray a strong personal image with initial impressions of our team being positive. Our knowledge is conveyed through our tone and persona.

What Career Pathways do you aspire to, how do you think Personal Branding will play a part?

Our group of trainers is ambitious with a heavy focus on continuous/further education.

In what ways do you feel networking is important in our work? Are you happy with the personal network you have? Are you using it suitably?

Identified as very important, both internally within our team and externally with customers. Our team understands the need to learn from each other and how strong networking is important to our growth and brand.

What is it that our customers care about most?

Our customers expect us to improve our players in an enjoyable environment. They have come to expect quality provision from top to bottom, with Impact staff going the extra mile. Our staff control their groups well, communicate effectively, and appropriately and are constantly looking to innovate.

Specific Impact Coach Goals (June 2017)

  • Positive and eager to learn
  • Gains the commitment of players, families and staff
  • Integrity
  • Constantly developing
  • Be a role model for my players. 
  • Honest feedback on and off the soccer field.
  • Make fitness and healthy activity accessible to all of my participants.